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How to Prepare for A Job Interview for A Beginners

For new job seekers, mixed excitement, nervousness, and anxiety often come up when they face a job interview. Of course, this is not surprising for first-timers.

Nevertheless, do not let that feeling of nervousness and anxiety cause you to fail the interview. So, get rid of those feelings and start preparing yourself to the fullest. To help you prepare, here are some ways to face a job interview for beginners that you need to know.

1. Learn some information about the company

Arm yourself with sufficient information about the company, not just general information, but more detailed ones. This step can be done through the official website and the news portal. It is important to know the company's vision and mission and how your skills can match the company's needs.

2. Pay attention to appearance

As a beginner who comes for a job interview, to need to pay attention to your look. Do not just come, but give the best and most attractive appearance possible. You might wear neat and clean clothes, clean shoes, good hairstyles, and spray a little perfume on your body. Do not forget to smile. By smiling, you will look more confident.

3. Make eye contact

Another tip to face a job interview for beginners is always maintaining eye contact. Look full of confidence. Intense eye contact while speaking shows your enthusiasm and spirit so that it makes the other person believe in what you say, as long as it is not excessive. Whereas, if you always avoid eye contact, it can give the impression that you are not sure of what you are saying. It could also mean that you are lying. Indeed this is not good for your evaluation.

4. Tell about yourself

No matter where you go for a job interview, the question of “tell me about yourself” will always come up. Of course, how the company can accept you to work before knowing your ins and outs. This thing is important to consider whether or not you are suitable for the job. In this part, you can tell about your background, including your education and skills, concisely and clearly. Don't go round and round.

5. Give the appropriate answers

The question is often given to applicants during interviews is your reason for applying for a job at the company. The goal is to provide answers in line with the company's vision and mission.

Give reasonable and objective reasons without appearing to be boasting or with a desire to be noticed. But also do not simply give a too-short answer because just one word affects your score.

6. Highlight your strengths

Sometimes, you might feel a dilemma when asked to explain your strengths as a beginner. When facing a job interview for beginners, it is natural to feel nervous but try not to show it too much. For that, know your strengths that are suitable for the job position offered by the company. Then highlight what your muscles are briefly but concisely according to reality. So the company will feel a loss if they have to miss you. Do not overestimate abilities that you do not have, instead of being embarrassed later because what you highlight does not match with your natural skills.

7. Tell Weaknesses in a Balanced Way

In addition to questioning the strengths you have, usually, your weaknesses also do not go unnoticed. The key is only one, which is honest and does not give a make-up answer. Explain and express your weaknesses honestly but in a positive and balanced way. The point is that everyone has flaws, including you, so do not lie because no one is perfect. Sometimes the way you convey it and deal with it becomes your unique point.

Facing a job interview for beginners is indeed not easy. In addition to the first experience, there are many new things that you need to learn because they have never been taught in detail in school or college. However, the most important thing is preparing your mind, trying always to be calm and relaxed so that there is no pressure. Also, live your life with passion!



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