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Professional Health Solution

Providing end-to-end solution to our valuable partners, Djembatan Dua is backed by state-of-the-art technology, reliable systems, and an experienced team. We are always ready to accompany our partners in providing the best solutions, fostering growth, and ensuring sustainable partnerships.

Trusted and Sustainable

For over four decades, Djembatan Dua has been a trusted partner, applying sustainable principles in every aspect of our business operations. With a commitment to quality and modern business practices, we strive to make a positive contribution to healthcare and the environment for future generations.

Innovation in Medical Technology

We are a trusted partner in the marketing and distribution of medical devices. Committed to innovation and excellence, we deliver cutting-edge medical technology that advances community health and well.

In Vitro Diagnostic

Invitro Diagnostic

As a leading solution in providing accurate medical diagnostic tools for patients.

Medical Equipment

Providing access to cutting-edge innovations in medical equipment to optimize the efficiency of healthcare services.

Medical Consumable

Medical Consumables

Introducing a wide range of cutting-edge Disposable Products for healthcare facilities, meticulously meeting stringent safety and quality standards, designed to support efficient and safe medical practices.

Let's Join Djembatan Dua

Providing professional solutions for access to high quality medical devices.

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