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Djembatan Dua Obtains Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

PT Djembatan Dua has successfully obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate from the Directorate General of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (DGCE) on February 22, 2023. The certificate was granted to Djembatan Dua for implementing safe, secure, and compliant practices in international trade.

The ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials from DGCE, including the Director General of Customs and Excise, Mr. Askolani; the Director of Technical Customs and Excise, Mr. R. Fadjar Donny Tjahjadi; and the Director of PT Djembatan Dua, Mr. Edbert Orotodan, who received the certificate.

With this AEO certificate, PT Djembatan Dua, as an economic operator involved in the movement of goods in international supply chains, has met the standards of the World Customs Organization or supply chain security standards. This also demonstrates Djembatan Dua's commitment to conducting business in a responsible and compliant manner with government regulations.

In his statement, Mr. Askolani said that DGCE continues to encourage companies in Indonesia to obtain AEO certification. "This is to enable companies to receive customs benefit, especially with the increasing number of Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) between Indonesian Customs and Excise and other countries' customs authorities," said Mr. Askolani.

Mr. Edbert Orotodan hopes that the receipt of this certificate will prove PT Djembatan Dua's excellence. "The AEO certificate can facilitate and streamline import and export processes in the future. This certification can also be part of our competitive advantage," said Mr. Edbert.

The AEO certificate has several benefits for companies, including simplifying customs procedures, document research, and/or physical inspection, thus reducing logistics costs. Companies certified with AEO are recognized worldwide as safe and secure companies as well as compliant business partners in international trade.

Country certified with AEO is seen as a trustworthy country in international trade because it has implemented safety and security in logistic supply chains, which will have a positive impact on the national economy.


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