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Djembatan Dua Introduces Eye Health Solutions at INDEPTH 2023

PT Djembatan Dua is committed to providing eye treatment solutions in Indonesia by participating in the INASCRS Development Program for Ophthalmologists (INDEPTH 2023).

INDEPTH 2023 is one of the programs initiated by the Indonesian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (INASCRS) aimed at enhancing the capabilities and knowledge of specialized eye doctors in Indonesia, particularly in procedures related to eye diseases, notably cataracts.

According to data from the Indonesian Society of Ophthalmologists (Perdami), 81 percent of blindness in Indonesia is caused by cataracts. "We hope that INASCRS's primary goal of reducing blindness rates in Indonesia will soon be realized," said INASCRS Chairman Dr. Hadi Prakoso, Sp.M.

Also present at this event were Djembatan Dua's Head of Commercial, Mrs. Kansy Widiarty, National Business and Sales Senior Manager, Mr. Fauzi Mustafa Teguh, and Business Development Manager J&J Vision, Mr. Pandu Wijaya.

Djembatan Dua, in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson Vision, provided a representative booth to educate hundreds of ophthalmologists in attendance about their services and products at this event.

Furthermore, the booth featured the introduction of the latest eye care products from Johnson and Johnson Vision, particularly the Tecnis brand, which offers Intraocular Lenses (IOLs).

Djembatan Dua, in partnership with Johnson and Johnson Vision, also conducted an educational symposium presented by Dr. E. Ricky Rooroh, Sp.M.; Dr. Magdalena Siska Trisanti, Sp.M.; and DR. Dr. Setiyo Budi Riyanto, Sp.M(K)., who provided in-depth explanations regarding the use of Johnson and Johnson Vision products as the best solution for eye disease treatment in Indonesia.

"Djembatan Dua, along with Johnson and Johnson Vision, continues to support the ophthalmologist community in delivering the best care to patients. We believe that with excellent service and high-quality products, we can offer better eye care solutions in Indonesia," stated Mr. Fauzi.

By being an integral part of this prestigious event, Djembatan Dua has solidified its position in driving innovation and improving eye healthcare services in Indonesia. The success of this event not only benefits specialized eye doctors but also has the potential for a positive impact in addressing the serious challenges in eye health faced by the Indonesian nation.

Djembatan Dua is a subsidiary of of Medela Potentia, a healthcare group with a widespread distribution network across Indonesia, committed to providing the best service in terms of after-sales speed, delivery accuracy, and product quality assurance.


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