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Djembatan Dua and the Indonesian National Armed Forces are Serving the Health of the Nation

Medela Potentia and its subsidiaries is committed to improving national healthcare resilience by participating in the technical guidance for the head of hospital of the central army health center (Karumkit) event. For over 42 years, Medela Potentia and its subsidiaries has enabled the best services in distributing healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices throughout the country.

The rapid digital development in various sectors, including healthcare services, has created opportunities to create more advanced healthcare services. This was conveyed by the Head of the Indonesian Army Health Center, Major General Dr. Purwo Setyanto.

"Collaboration and cooperation between institutions and various stakeholders are essential to accelerate healthcare transformation and provide the best healthcare services for soldiers, families, and the people," said Dr. Purwo during the event themed "Digital Transformation Strategy for Indonesian Army Hospitals in Providing Healthcare Services" on Monday, May 10th, 2023 in Jakarta

Medela Potentia also introduced medical equipment products with high Domestic Component Level (TKDN) produced by PT Deca Metric Medica (DMM) marketed by PT Djembatan Dua (DD) and distributed by PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) to the head of hospital of the Central Army Health Center.

The Head of Commercial DD, Mrs. Kansy Widiarty mentioned that the types of medical devices that being produced are those needed by patients most, such as masks, wash gloves, gauze/cotton, and paper tape. "Our products support the government's program for self-reliance. With the establishment of the Deca Metric Medica site, it is expected to foster the medical equipment industry domestically while reducing the import of medical equipment products," said Mrs. Kansy.

During the event, Medela Potentia also set up a booth on Indonesian pharmaceutical and medical equipment resilience themed "Serving for Health Together with the Indonesian Army."


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