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Cooperation between Medela Potentia and Kopassus to Improve the Health of Papuan People

Medela Potentia donated medication to Task Force (Satgas) Mandala IV, Special Forces Command (Kopassus) of the Indonesian Army, on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, as a manifestation of support in improving the quality of public health in Indonesia.

The donation was directly given by the President Director of Medela Potentia, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, who was received by the Commander of Group 3 Sandhi Yudha, Infantry Colonel Wing Sandya Udayanto at the Kopassus Command Headquarters in Cijantung, East Jakarta. The donated medicines amounted to more than 1500 boxes consisting of various types of drugs.

Mr. Krestijanto Pandji stated that Medela Potentia and its subsidiaries, as a pharmaceutical and medical equipment distribution group of company, always supports the tasks of the Indonesian Army to help improve the health of the Indonesian people.

"We actively support the programs of the Indonesian Army, not only in Kopassus but also in Kostrad. Even during disasters, we collaborate with BNPB and other agencies. With these medicines, we hope that the Mandala IV Task Force of Kopassus, who will be on duty in May 2023, can provide the best possible help to the people in Papua," said Mr. Krestijanto Pandji.

Meanwhile, the Commander of Group 3 Kopassus, Infantry Colonel Wing Sandya Udayanto, expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by Medela Potentia.

"We are very grateful that Medela Potentia has supported Kopassus by providing medicine assistance. In addition to carrying out our main duties, the presence of the government through the Indonesian Army in Papua, especially in the health sector, proves our commitment to supporting the improvement of public health. We are confident that this assistance from Medela Potentia will be very beneficial for the people in Papua," said Lieutenant Colonel Wing Sandya.

The ceremony of the donation was also held in conjunction with a breaking of the fast event with the commander, deputy commander, and middle-ranking officers of Group 3 Sandhi Yudha Kopassus. Medela Potentia, with one of its core values: "Deal with Care", continuously supports health programs to improve the quality of public health throughout kesehatan untuk meningkatkan kualitas kesehatan masyarakat di seluruh Indonesia.


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