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Celebrating 2024, PT Djembatan Dua Holds a Welcoming Year

In the spirit of welcoming the New Year 2024, employees and management of PT Djembatan Dua celebrated the transition with joy in the "Welcoming Year 2024" event on Friday, January 5, 2023, at Titan Center. The event was attended by Director of Djembatan Dua, Mr. Edbert Orotodan, Human Resources Director of Medela Potentia, Mrs. Nancy Kartika, and all Djembatan Dua employees at the Titan Center headquarters.

The Welcoming Year activities began with a reflection on the year 2023 and projections for 2024 by Mr. Edbert Orotodan. "Looking back at 2023, our sales performance was quite good, but we also faced some challenges in 2024," expressed Mr. Edbert Orotodan.

To liven up the event, there were performances by a vocal group of employees, followed by mini-games and a gift exchange as an appreciation among colleagues for the year 2023. The event concluded with a shared meal.

Through this activity, PT Djembatan Dua aims to encourage all employees to enter the new year 2024 with high spirits and optimism. The Welcoming Year is expected to build collaboration, camaraderie, and the belief that the new year will bring positive progress for the company and the entire team.


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