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Argon Peduli Collected 292 Blood Bags During February

292 blood bags from 7 blood donor locations were successfully collected by Argon Peduli during February 2023. Argon's active participation in caring for others is in line with the company's core value of "Deal with Care."

PT Djembatan Dua is a part of Medela Potentia, through Argon Peduli periodically carries out social activities, one of which is blood donation in line with the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Good Health and Well-being.

"Blood donation is a crucial act of humanity. Medela Potentia, through Argon Peduli, understands that many people in Indonesia still need blood. Blood donation is the Medela Potentia's way of helping the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to provide blood supply. Blood donation activities are regularly carried out both at the headquarters and branch offices," said Nancy Kartika, Human Resources Director of Medela Potentia.

The blood donation program organized by Argon Peduli also helps PMI to meet the national blood supply needs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the minimum requirement for blood is two percent of the population. Based on the population census by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's population is over 275 million people, which means Indonesia needs around 5.5 million blood bags every year.

Here are the complete data on the 292 blood bags successfully collected by Argon Peduli during February 2023: Jakarta Branch 2 (59 bags), HO Titan Center (57 bags), DSC Cikarang (50 bags), NDC Cikarang (36 bags); Pekanbaru Branch (36 bags); Medan Branch (33 bags), and Palembang Branch (21 bags)."


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