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About Djembatan Dua

PT Djembatan Dua is a leading player in medical devices, covering sales, marketing and distribution of medical device consumables, in vitro diagnostic products and medical equipment. We are also known as a reputable sales and marketing service organization under our pharm business unit: Inmark Pharmaceuticals.

We have nationwide market presence from Aceh to Papua and cover more than 40,000 customers throughout the regions. Currently, we have become a trusted supplier for private market as well as government market under the JKN program


Established in 1962, Djembatan Dua evolved rapidly following its acquisition by Dexa Group, a leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Starting as a trading company in several cities in Jakarta and Java Island as sub distributor of PT Anugrah Argon Medica, Djembatan Dua played an important role as the entrance gate of the group to Java Island in order to strengthen nationwide coverage of distribution in Indonesia.

As more trust comes from more principals / partners adding more business and products, in 2011 Djembatan Dua transformed to become a sales and marketing company, and focuses on medical devices and in vitro diagnostic business while also offering marketing & sales services for pharm products.

Distribution & Network

Djembatan Dua is supported by its sister company, AAM - PT Anugrah Argon Medica, in logistic areas including warehousing, physical product handling and product transportation to customer. Having 44 branches spread out from Aceh to Papua, AAM ensure that the products are supplied to our Customers directly to their door at acceptable delivery lead time, following the order taken by our Salesman.


Leading in IT & System, as well as market knowledge and relationship with adequate network coverage, AAM surely is our strategic partner in growing Djembatan Dua and our principals / partner business in Indonesia.


Medical Devices business in our company started in 1996, when a reputable multinational company entrusted all its business to us for the Indonesian market. Ever since then, our medical devices business has kept growing organically, also due to new products, new business and new principals joining our network as partners.

In addition, due to many requests from our customers, DjembatanDua completed its portfolio by introducing its own brand medical consumables products under the brand of STARDEC. We introduced STARDEC to support JKN program by providing value for money product. Our business partners are:

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