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Celebrating Its Anniversary, Argon Group Conducted Donations to Mark Special Occasions

Corporate News - In commemorating Argon Group’s 42nd anniversary on 27 September 2022, Argon Peduli has conducted social activities from August to September 2022.

The activity was carried out simultaneously at the head office, National Distribution Center (NDC), and 36 branch offices of the Argon Group throughout Indonesia, with tens of thousands of donations.

Around 17,000 masks, 1,540 basic food packages consisting of rice, flour, sugar, and cooking oil, and 370 trash cans were distributed to communities around branch offices, nursing homes, and needy orphanages.

To help improve children's nutrition, Argon Group also participated in the Supplementary Feeding (PMT) program for children in selected Posyandu (Integrated Healthcare Center). Argon Peduli also organized blood donations through 9 participating Argon Group branches.

President Director of Argon Group, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, said that Argon Group is responsible for improving the community's health.

"For that, in accordance with one of the company's core values, Deal With Care, we consistently share and care to help improve the health of the Indonesian people," said Mr. Krestijanto.


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