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e Katalog

Featured Products :

LIAISON® Analyzer
The LIAISON® is easy to use, possibility to run many different assays  at a time. Designed for immunoassay testing, adopts a “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with a paramagnetic microparticle solid phase (MP). Efficient from the start, the LIAISON® allows the continuous loading of samples, reagents and the workload may be processed in random access or batch mode. DiaSorin offer a wide range of tests on the LIAISON®
Glucocard Σ

GLUCOCARD Σ is a blood glucose monitoring system that can present fast and accurate result. Just add 0.5 uL fresh capillary whole blood gives accurate results in as little as 7 sec.

Alere Triage Meter Pro

The Alere Triage® System is a high performance cardiac marker testing platform for use in the laboratory or at the point of care. This system can be used to analyzed some parameters with fast and accurate results, such as next-generation Troponin I, creatin-kinase myocardial band (CK-MB) mass, myoglobin, B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP), N-terminal proBNP (NT-proBNP), and D-dimer.

Pajunk MultiStim Sensor

The MultiStim SWITCH has revolutionized nerve stimulation. Because MultiStim SWITCH is the first device, which permits the immediate identifi cation and correction of a misplaced cannula, before mechanical or chemical injuries are caused. Because it has been confirmed on the basis of medical studies conducted under the direction of Dr. Tsui, that patient resistance will increase distinctly in cases of intraneural, intravas-cular and intrathecal punctures.


News :

Djembatan Dua Scienttific Fair

PT DjembatanDua held its 2nd“DjembatanDScientific Fair” in Cirebon, having invited more than 100 healthcare professionals in West Java area. At this event, DjembatanDua facilitated knowledge sharing and clinical updates in cardio-metabolic diseases.

Pajunk Exhibition

During Indoanesthesia 2016, DjembatanDua introduced many new products related to critical care such as nerve block technique and device, airways management and pain management. Supported by its principals, DjembatanDua demonstrated product usage and techniques to anesthesiologists visiting the booth.


Upcoming Events :

Visit us at our next event / participation:
  • 15th Indoanesthesia Improve Profesionalism & Quality of anesthesia service H Shangri-La Jakarta Indonesia, February 20-24 2018
  • 14th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Neuroanesthesia & Critical Care (Ina-SNACC) Translating neuroscience to clinical practice Bumi Surabaya City Resort, February 28th – March 3th 2018
  • SEMILOKAMUTU XVI – 2018 Laboratory Medicine in Infection and Immunity: Challenges and Update Hotel Grand Mercure Kemayoran Jakarta, 6-8 April 2018
  • The 4th Makassar Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Annual Meeting (MaCPLAM) Medical laboratory Information: Issue, Impact and Innovation Clarion Hotel Makassar Indonesia, 2-5 May 2018